You Sleep. We Creep.

Because there is no shame in being creepy.

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Content: Cali’s Contingent Copper Creepin’

I am a sucker for alliteration, I can admit it. And perhaps sleeper creeping isn’t the appropriate time for using a word like “contingent” in the event that the perpetrator is yours truly - however, you never know when a sleeper is going to present his/herself. Hence, the creeping is contingent upon the availability of slumberers. But maybe not. After all, I don’t know english good. Enough discussion about the title, already. Sheeesh. 

It’s go time. 
My whole family is in Colorado. It’s great. I love having them here. Something about living with somewhat decent people for some 17 years makes you sometimes miss them. And with Hannah starting college, Lij being 6’1” (at least), and Sam (best-known as Pablo) having armpit hair and being desperately asked by our mother to shave his ‘stache… I’m really starting to notice that whether I like it or not, my siblings are getting bigger than me and I’m about to get paid back for all of that childhood torment. Here’s to hoping they don’t remember too much of the days when the size differences were reversed.  In all seriousness, everything goes swimmingly as long as the two middles have enough wifi to FaceTime with their significant others. They just love when the rest of us I join in on their conversations. 

Alright, the purpose of this family vacation? My argument is “who needs an excuse to come to Colorado” and I think most of the clan would agree. But the littlest Campbell is a skateboarding pro in the making and likes to spend some time at the Woodward @ Copper Skate Camp. He won a pretty sweet deck in a “game of skate” yesterday. This camp is nuts. They have sub-sections of cheer, snowboarding (ya… they shoot snow on the park in the middle of summer… and I give Phoenix and Vegas shit for their it-does-not-make-sense-to-have-water-dependent-life-in-the-middle-of-the-desert-ness…), and I think there might be more. But all the kids live in dorms and have tons of different activities to do each day. Such as tie-dying or diving in the foam pit. 

Having worked at the Boys and Girls Club for three years I both envy and feel sorry for those camp counselors. 

Before we dropped him off we had to feed him. On our way to lunch my mother dearest nudges and points off into the distance by the river. Ya, mom, lots of people sleep by the river here… OH MY GOD SOMEONE IS SLEEPING BY THE RIVER. Quick, get out your phone. (Technology. I swear.)

I know, I know. I’m quite the vision in that floral blouse.
My mom and my friend Molly love it. Not. They just don’t get me. I’m so misunderstood. 
However my grandma and my friend Shelby really do love it. At least some people don’t hate on my fashion skillz. Is this the right time for #yolo? 

Alright. So we sleeper creep, get lunch, drop off Sam, and go to some place by Red Feather that my folks are renting. Here is what we are welcomed by: 

*face palm*

This is real… real gross. 


 I was mortified. Sharing helps me cope. Thanks for letting me share. Well you don’t so much have a choice. But whatever. 

Ick. And this is only in one room. And it doesn’t include the cow-hide rug, the antler-legged coffee table, or the animal-skin bar stools that are also in that one room. 

There is a guest house. The living room in that place has a stuffed coyote. Deer and elk heads. And a stuffed squirrel. The stuffed squirrel is placed in the support beams. What is wrong with people? Ok.. I won’t answer that. 
Just know I am currently on the couch in the room with all of the dead stuffed animals and it is all together unfortunate. Minus the view of the mountains. Why these people have the preference of seeing animals hanging on the wall, life-less, instead of seeing them live their natural,  animated lives outside the windows I do not know. #weneedarevolution.

Also, I fell asleep on the couch last night. I woke up to my mom and sister creeping on me. I thought you should know that this whole creeping thing is not a one-way street. 

over and out.

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a quick fix in the midterm mix.

It’s taken me a while to post this, but it happened last week – during midterms… when my life, as I like to tell my mother, felt like a shit show. One of the contributing factors was the nice weather outside in conjunction with loads of work to do on the computer. Warm, sunny days and Microsoft Excel don’t mix, in case you were curious.

The biggest issue of this first world problem was the urge to sleeper creep. And seeing as my friends have comparably busy schedules, sleeper creeping sessions have been few and far between. Not an issue in the cold months, because the hunting is more difficult when the weather is not suitable. Though with this prime time spring weather coming up, I’m insisting we pencil in the creepin’ as a priority… else the sleepers will get too comfortable.

Well. Part of the shit-show involved a few joyous outings to the engineering building. An excerpt from my tours of the building fits nicely here: “You’ll have 6GB of storage on the engineering network. You must have your student i.d. to get access to these computer labs as they are reserved for engineering students,  you’ll also have 24/7 key-card access to the building.” I’ll stop there. 24/7 access. 24/7 access + plenty of couches + midterm exams and projects = nap time.

{In addition to couches, there are kitchens and vending machines in this building. Occasionally I legitimately wonder why I am still paying rent.}

Anyways, one of these outings was Thursday morning. Fresh-out of Philosophy with a couple hours to study before heading to Water Quality, I hopped over to an all-too-familiar computer lab. I swiped my card, got the green light, opened the door, found an available computer, set down my bag, took off my jacket, quickly glanced over the room to see where’s who and who’s known. That’s when it happened. An unknown victim was “resting his eyes” on the couch neighboring my work place. Glory be to all-nighters. I snapped a quick one on my phone and with great appreciation for handheld technology I immediately shared this success with a few near and dear…. The rest of you had to wait until I could type something up for the internets.


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sometimes puke green is my favourite colour.

Before I share my pictures and discuss today’s creeping venture, I’d like to discuss how wonderful today has been… you’re about to learn the extent of my nerdiness.

It was Professional Learning Institute Day today. It’s a day where 300- and 400-level engineering classes are canceled so engineering students can attend a selection of ethical engineering lectures. For this reason I did not have Fluids. I spent the time knitting in bed while watching funny youtube videos and informative Ted Talks. Then I met my lovely friends for lunch and some sleeper creeping- more on that after I share my excitement of today’s two lectures which may or may not interest you but really make me quite giddy so you’ll have to deal…

The first lecture was “Engineering and Environmental Law.” The woman who spoke had a B.S. in civil engineering with a concentration in environmental engineering, a masters in environmental engineering, and then, after working X amount of years… she went to law school at night while still working full time. Bad ass. She’s a lawyer and a professional engineer licensed in CO and TX. Her story was impressive. In both fields, she’s tackled the difficulty of being a woman in that of men… This isn’t simple. I’m slightly in awe. 

Well, between lecture #1 and #2, I managed to sit in my physics II class for about 15 minutes and answer some clicker questions for extra credit. It was one of those moments that allowed me to have the “best of both worlds”. (…for as much as I despise cliches, I tend to use them a lot.) I will graciously take every last point I can manage to receive in that class.

The second lecture was “Engineering the Green Revolution.” The speaker was a self-proclaimed un-piggish business marketer and vice president of an environmental consulting firm in Fort Collins. He spoke of innovation and the importance of it as our species continues to grow exponentially: 7 billion as of Monday. 10 billion projected for 2040. He laid a lot of responsibility on engineers to be innovators- to redefine business and sustainability. Talk about pressure. He also spoke of the value in being well-rounded, as it offers more possible routes of innovation. I think this is extremely valid. Engineers, in my experience with professionals, professors, co-workers, and classmates, tend to have a good amount of brain power. If the focus is more directed to the “big picture”, this brain power will be more effective. This is something I’ve been putting my intention towards lately. (The Ted Talks this morning were not catering to my usual environmental/science interest, but to one of society and culture. I’m aiming for more variety… Of course I have my own personal thoughts and conclusions of society, American culture, the human experience, but I don’t know much about the research and the efforts that have been dedicated to such things on the larger scale. It’s different than what I’m used to. It’s exciting.

Alright, Alright. If you’re still here, you’ll enjoy the following narration of the sleeper creeper experience of today.

The plan was to meet Natalie, Shelby, and Rachel on campus for lunch. Rachel was late because she was busy drying her tears after reading an article of a police officer brutally killing a dog. *sigh* In those spare 20 minutes, I suggested we go sleeper hunting. It was kind of a strange time of day to do this, but we hoped the warm jackets and an escape from the cold weather inside the library would be conducive to napping. It was.
We found success on the 3rd floor of the library. Two horizontal men on (two separate) couches….

They must have been quite comfortable because neither of them woke up from our giggling or illegitimate conversing. Our conversations were an effort to justify our business standing next to these sleepers for our entertainment. Ya know, like “oh, look at this nice new couch!” “Right? Have you seen that wall?”

Well, after spotting (#fuckyeah) Tim O’Connor:

We received a message from Rachel indicating that she was on campus and ready to get down on some grub (…finally!). On our way downstairs, Shelby says “Ya see… every time I see you guys on campus, we do shit.” I tried not to take it literally. “There’s just really never a dull moment,” responds Natalie. It’s cliche, but it’s true. For example, we hung out last night. This get together consisted of watching a movie and knitting, case in point.

OH! I almost forgot… after lunch with these people:

We saw this sign:

My only assumption is that it was CSU’s attempt at avoiding responsibility for any injuries incurred via falling branches. Keep in mind that as most warnings and words of advice, this one was inspired by the events of a week prior… a girl getting crushed by a branch that broke free of the trunk of a tall oak due to the amount of snow it had accumulated. A foot of wet snow in 12 hours tends to do things like that.

Later, bro.

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tired in el salvador.

You interpreted the title correctly. Well, you did if you thought it meant that this edition of “you sleep. we creep.” includes a story and image of a creeper of sleepers in the act- in El Centro, La Criba, El Salvador, Central America.

Teddy was innocently resting his unfortunately scratched eyeball when James, better known as El Presidente, had to sneak up on him. Luckily for me, I snapped a picture just in time. Goodness knows this blog desperately needed to be updated… I knew many of you have just been sitting on the edge of your seats (not to be cliche) waiting for a new post. It must have been like watching a pot that never boils, but don’t worry. I could never wash my hands of this blog. You’ve weathered the storm. It’s water under the bridge. I’m here, warts and all. So without further ado…You may know we traveled to El Salvador last week and were there for about 7 days. The nights were long, the days were short.. errr, vice versa. But same difference. Anyways, after one long day of working in the humid heat that is La Criba, Teddy was taking a nap on that there stack of mattresses. (Obviously he is not a royal princess because he never complained about the pea underneath). And well, there you have it.Cheers!

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give a man the sun and a grassy field and he’ll want to sleep in it.

First of all, I apologize in advance for any remarks I make that you may find offensive, crude, or just up left… err.. down right inappropriate. But I’m sure you read and agreed to the terms and conditions so… your fault. Mainly I just hope to provide some entertainment and further avoid studying for thermodynamics.. if only I was as good at finding the work done by a system as I was procrastinating such things. Anywho, let’s get started and save thermo for another blog.
Meet today’s Creepin’ Crew. From right to left: Me, Matt, Rachel, Natalie, Shelby.

Here in Fort Collins we have some beautiful Spring days, on such days you can find people sleeping in the quad just outside of Clark. This is when the bells start ringing and the camera comes out. We find those who are sound-enough asleep to not notice a group of strangers gathered around them, with another snapping a quick pic before going on their merry way.

For example, the sleeper pictured here seemed to be off in a land of sandy white beaches and frozen grapes… but she was quick to wake up, look around, and witness the next shot we took a mere five feet away:

Meaning, she totally realized we just snapped one of her mid-snooze as well. It gets less awkward with experience. Ya know.. like farting in public. Luckily, this guy didn’t wake up.You see, as far as I am concerned, when you make the mistake of falling asleep in a public place (such as a college campus) you are likely aware of the risk you are taking. And if you aren’t… well, we’re here to help make you aware. For instance, you may wake up to see me doing handstands next to you:

I may even throw in a cartwheel or two:

Not to mention, you take the chance of loosing an arm:

Fortunately for that lady, I don’t eat animals. Human or non-human.All this risk. And for what? A little extra shut-eye? You should just make an earlier bed time for yourself, I think. Then again, please don’t. Takinf your picture is such fun.Well, stay tuned for more on our wild and crazy adventures of sleeper hunting. If you want. I’m in no way trying to micromanage the way you spend your time surfing the interweb.Cheers!